This is one of the most famous landscape in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
This building was used as the government office of Hokkaido island
long time ago. Today it is preserved as a small museum.
The building is modeled after the statehouse in Massachusetts, USA.

Sapporo Station.
This building is very new, and some parts of its inside are
still under construction.
Huge department store will be opened in March right next to it.

Young people like my friends say they are happy to have
a nice huge shopping mall in the city, but
old people like my parents say they are confused because
their familiar old places become unfamiliar all at once.
I felt I am like one of those old people,too.
Every time I visit Sapporo, where I lived for eighteen years,
I feel a little sad and confused because the landscape
of the city changes so quickly, so dramatically : (