Some close friends of mine often ask me if our dog Chiro is "still" fine.
We found serious cancer in his body in January 2001,
but thanks to the proper medical care, he is doing impeccably fine,
at least so far, more than two years since then.

Today it is raining hard outside in Tokyo.
I clothed him in the raincoat to get ready for our morning walk.
It is always me who is reluctant to go, especially in the rain.
Today, too, he looked so happy and excited, as he always is.

By the way, rainy days of this season often mean the little sign
of upcoming spring : )
It gets cool when it rains, but it becomes much warmer after it.

I planted 90 tulip bulbs in this past autumn and they have
begun to sprout! I'm sure spring is coming just around the corner : D