We eat many kinds of mushrooms in Japan.
They are nutritious but low calories.

Mushrooms are very popular and we see them at the groceries all through the year,
but their best season is, above all, November! (I think..)

Today I happened to see this "astounding" display!!
Don't they look funny (or a bit weird...)?

You know they grow mushrooms by bedding the cystoid spore.
(You don't need any chemical so it is a real safe food too!)
They displayed the mushrooms with their beds, which seemed quite new to me!
Customers choose which one to buy and then the shop employee cuts and
packs it on the spot. It was amusing to see it anyway.

I found a nice webpage while I was looking for some more
information about this mushroom called Eringi.
You will find whole this website very informative and well done : )