"German Travel Exhibition" is held for one week every second year in Tokyo.
This year, it is being held from May 25th to June 1st.
It is not a very big event, but many Germany fans are looking forward to it : )
In a huge tent, there are many tourist company booth.
There is a makeshift stage too, so that German music bands can perform a little concert.

Germany is famous for its beer and sausages.
Masaki and I ordered some sausages, herring marinade,
and meatloaf with pretzel.
We are not familiar with pretzels in Japan.
When I bought one for the first time in Disneyland in Florida,
it was unexpectedly hard and salty.
But this time, the pretzel in the picture was rather soft
and not that salty. I liked this one better, but am wondering
if this is real pretzel German people are familiar with.